Articles - Product showcase: Resimac's Alt Doc loans

Product showcase: Resimac's Alt Doc loans


Resimac’s Alt Doc loans are a great potential option for self-employed borrowers. 

Rather than putting forward your client’s full two years’ worth of financials – which sometimes isn’t available, doesn’t accurately reflect the current trading of the business, or is prohibitive due to a complex business structure -  Alt Doc options enable you to provide alternative methods of income verification.

These ‘alt-doc’ methods include:

  • An accountant’s letter (provided the accountant has acted for the applicant for 12 months or more);
  • 6 months’ Business Activity Statements; or
  • 3 months’ Business Bank Statements


Some of the main differences between the Prime Alt Doc and Specialist Alt Doc products:*

Prime Alt Doc Specialist Alt Doc
Loan amounts Up to $2M (70% LVR) Up to $2.5M (65% LVR)
Cash out No limit (loan amount up to $1.5M); $100K (loan amount $1.5M+) Unlimited for any worthwhile purpose (max 80% LVR)
Business debt refinance Up to $500K Unlimited
Debt consolidation Maximum home loan + 4 debts, excludes ATO debts No limit on number of debts, includes ATO debts
Max LVR 80% 90% (purchase); 85% (refinance)
Risk fee $0 Up to 70% LVR waived; 70-80% LVR 1.25%; 80-85% LVR 1.5%; 85-90% LVR 2%
Period of self-employment Minimum of 24 months ABN Minimum of 6 months ABN


Keen to know more? You can find more details about our Prime Alt Doc product here and our Specialist Alt Doc product here. Speak to your BDM or Relationship Manager to workshop a client scenario today!

*Subject to relevant terms and conditions



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