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Loan applications are becoming much simpler

Submitting loans to Resimac will become much simpler thanks to improvements in ApplyOnline and credit assessment we are sure you will appreciate.

Let’s have a look at what will change from Monday 23 October.


  • One of the most exciting changes is the switching on of eSign. If you are not familiar with eSign, this tool helps your borrowers securely and electronically sign loan application documents with confidence.
  • The eSign tool also means you handle less paperwork. This is particularly great if you send documents back and forth to borrowers in regional areas.
  • You will also save time from the NextGenID and Access Seeker tools being integrated into the one portal. This makes for a smoother application process.
  • You will be pleased to find fields to enter simple information, such as your name and your borrower’s, will be pre-populated. There will be fewer check boxes to tick, and requests for signatures. We are reducing these tedious tasks so you can get on with lodging the application.
  • These changes mean our application form will be shorter, so you can get your application in for assessment sooner!

Credit assessment

Resimac previously had a specialised approach to assessment whereby multiple underwriters would handle different parts of a single loan application.

This method sometimes led to double-handling of deals. Handovers between underwriters could lead to delays. On occasion, brokers were confused as to who had responsibility for their application.

The good news is Resimac has introduced a single underwriter model. This means the same underwriter undertakes initial credit assessment and liaises with brokers and business partners until formal approval.

We introduced this approach in August and have seen the benefits. Quicker turnaround times have been particularly noticeable when converting applications from conditional to formal approval.

Here is a summary of the benefits to you:

  • Better chance of speedier decisions. Fewer handovers mean fewer obstacles.
  • Consistency in decisions. The same underwriter makes the calls from beginning to end.
  • Greater transparency. Know which underwriter has ownership of your application through the application process.

We have also ensured underwriters are more closely aligned with our back office team in Manila, providing a more consistent and streamlined approach to lending. To ensure efficient delivery, a pair of underwriters are each assigned a Loan Support Officer ‘buddy’ who ensures conditions are reviewed and packaged in a consistent way each time.


If you have any questions, please contact the BDM for your region.

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