Five reasons to choose Resimac


Not all features apply to all loans. *Owner Occupied loans up to 80% LVR with P&I repayments. ^O/O only, Cat 1 & 2 locations.


Resimac Specialist Clear
rates from

variable rate4.99%p.a.
comparison rate* 5.31%p.a.

Prime OO

Resimac Prime Flex
rates from

variable rate3.64%p.a.
comparison rate* 3.89%p.a.

Prime INV

Resimac Prime Flex
rates from

variable rate3.89%p.a.
comparison rate* 4.23%p.a.

Alt Doc

Resimac Accelerate Prime
rates from

variable rate4.54%p.a.
comparison rate* 4.57%p.a.


Resimac MoniPower
rates from

variable rate3.67%p.a.
comparison rate* 3.83%p.a.

Fixed Rates

Resimac MoniPower
2 Year Fixed rates from

variable rate3.95%p.a.
comparison rate* 4.36%p.a.

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