Articles - We're helping to plant Pocket Forests for kids

We're helping to plant Pocket Forests for kids


As mentioned in January, Resimac is working with non-profit organisation Carbon Positive Australia to raise funds for community tree-planting projects through the Plant Trees Australia platform.

Through this partnership, we are giving customers who settle a loan with us an opportunity to contribute to this initiative by deciding on option to fund one of three projects, and we will contribute to that project on their behalf. 

The three projects we’re supporting are as follows:

“Pocket forests” in schools and communities across Australia

This project is in partnership with the Harry Butler Institute, Earthwatch & BrettaCorp, and will see “Pocket Forests” planted in schools and community parks across Australia using the “Miyawaki method”. 

Miyawaki forests are named after their pioneer – Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki – and were designed as compressed forests for small areas. By planting these in urban areas that are particularly impacted by the urban heat island effect, these fast-growing, dense, low-maintenance native forests help to cool thermal hotspots, provide shade and amenity.

For schoolchildren, planting Miyawaki forests offers multiple learning opportunities (including monitoring growth, species diversity, fauna etc) and enables them to take practical action in the face of climate change. 

Miyawaki forests have a higher level of biodiversity than standard forestry techniques and can reach canopy cover in just three years. 

Biodiversity and ecosystem in restoration in Victoria and WA

This project involves planting with community groups on land that has degraded through land use methods or clearing. 

By engaging with rural and metro communities in volunteer tree planting and the restoration of degraded agricultural land, it promotes environmental stewardship and sustainable land use practices. These projects also create habitat connectivity in agricultural landscapes and encourage farmers to collaborate on corridor projects. 

In Victoria, we are planting with Regen the Plains. Previously a dairy farm, it is now cropped with cereal gains. The project will contribute to increasing biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

We are also planting in Tardun, Western Australia. The surrounding area is well known for its spectacular wildflower display during the spring. The long-term vision of this project is to increase native vegetation coverage, reduce soil erosion and increase productivity on the farm by improving the overall health of the landscape. 

Indigenous-led projects in WA and central Australia

We are working with indigenous-led projects in Western Australia and Central Australia. These projects support tree nursery establishment, seed collection and tree planting. They focus on opportunities to bring the community together and to foster partnerships across the sector. These projects are long-term and provide employment opportunities for rangers. The projects engage the whole community. 

In 2023 we are beginning a project with the NPY Women's Council. NPY Women’s Council is led by women’s law, authority and culture to deliver health, social and cultural services for Aboriginal people in Central Australia. The goals of this project are: 

- Build a commercial-scale greenhouse 

- Hire a dedicated ranger

- Plant hundreds of trees 

We continue to foster partnerships and relationships with the community in Tjuntjuntjarra, where we planted trees alongside them as part of their initiative to green the community in 2021. 

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