Articles - Resimac working with customers to help lower carbon emissions through community tree projects

Resimac working with customers to help lower carbon emissions through community tree projects

The environment is our home. Who doesn’t want to make their home better? That’s why Resimac is joining forces with its customers from February to support community tree planting projects as part of an exciting new partnership with Carbon Positive Australia.

A non-profit organisation, Carbon Positive Australia has created a funding platform called Plant Trees Australia. This is where community groups, landholders, volunteers and donors connect, plan and manage native tree planting projects.

Launch partners such as Resimac will be working with project organisers from communities across the nation who want to improve the biodiversity of their area and help combat climate change.

After settlement, customers will be given a choice of three projects they would like Resimac to support, and we will contribute to those projects on their behalf. Customers can then track the progress of those projects through the Plant Trees Australia website.

This means customers can support one planting project of their choice, which might not otherwise have received funding (whether because they’re too small or too niche to attract larger scale government funding).

Resimac’s partnership with Carbon Positive Australia follows a successful decade-long one with environmental group Carbon Conscious. Resimac and its customers helped plant more than 46,000 trees during this time.

Resimac will contribute a small sum per settlement to [each] customer’s choice of project in Plant Trees Australia. This gives customers greater involvement and replaces the one tree per settlement scheme.

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