Resimac Accelerate & Accelerate Plus


The Resimac Accelerate product has been specifically tailored to suit the needs of borrowers who fall outside the mortgage insurance and banking guidelines. Types of borrowers that may fall into this category include: self-employed borrowers, credit impaired borrowers, contract workers and other applicants who do not fit into mainstream products, or borrowers who have reached their exposure with mortgage insurers. Accelerate applies to owner occupier, principal & interest loans only. Accelerate Plus applies to all Investment and/or Interest only loans.

  • Up to 40-year terms available

  • No genuine savings required

  • Unlimited cash out for acceptable business purpose

  • Payout part 9 and 10 debt agreements

  • No nominal rent applied if living rent free

  • 6 months casual employment acceptable

Not all features available on all products. Please refer to product specs for additional information.


Product Specifications


Resimac Accelerate & Accelerate Plus

Resimac Accelerate & Accelerate PLUS Accelerate (OO P&I loans only) Accelerate PLUS (INV and/or I/O loans)
LVR Interest rate Comparison rate Interest rate Comparison rate
Under 55% 5.76%p.a. 5.79%p.a. 6.06%p.a. 6.09%p.a.
55-65% 5.76%p.a. 5.79%p.a. 6.26%p.a. 6.29%p.a.
65-70% 5.96%p.a. 5.99%p.a. 6.46%p.a. 6.49%p.a.
70-75% 6.16%pa 6.19%pa 6.91%pa 6.94%pa
75-80% 6.31%pa 6.34%pa 7.11%pa 7.14%pa
80-85% 6.81%pa 6.84%pa N/A N/A
85-90% 7.91%pa 7.94%pa N/A N/A
90-95% 8.11%pa 8.14%pa N/A N/A
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*Interest rates on this site for Accelerate products are effective from 8 July 2019. Rates shown apply to new business only and may vary before your loan is settled. Rates shown do not apply to all loan sizes, purposes, repayment types, scenarios or LVRs. The comparison rate is calculated on the basis of a loan of $150,000 over a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Terms & conditions, fees, charges and credit criteria apply.




  • Application Form

    The core document to begin your home loan application with Resimac.

  • Customer Requirements & Objectives

    Complete this form to confirm the borrower's objectives and they meet the requirements.

  • Australia Post Identity Verification Form

    Click to download this form

  • Credit Card Authority Form

    Provide authority to debit a credit card as outlined in the contract.

  • Supporting Documentation Checklist

    Ensure you have provided all the required documentation to progress.

  • Living Expense Declaration

    Complete the breakdown of combined basic and additional living expenses.


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