30+ Reasons to choose Resimac

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30+ Reasons to choose Resimac
  • 1

    3 Funding sources, 1 App Form, 1 Credit Check, 1 BDM, 1 Credit Manager, 1 Submission All products (exceptions apply)

  • 4

    6 months rental history acceptable as genuine savings to 95% LVR accepted Resimac Prime

  • 6

    Fixed Rate Construction Loans with Offset & FHOG @ land settlement Resimac MoniPower

  • 8

    No nominal rent applied if living rent free All Resimac Accelerate Products

  • 9

    Valuations not required when a purchase contract is provided as evidence of purchase price# Resimac MoniPower

  • 26

    Prime Construction with no credit scoring to 95% LVR including cap risk fee (O/O, Cat 1 & 2 locations) Resimac Accelerate Red

  • 37

    Family Tax Benefits A & B and child maintenance income acceptable for children up to 17 Resimac Accelerate Red

The above are examples of what may be considered and may be subject to restrictions such as but not limited to those listed. All rates, product features and credit policies are subject to change without notice.

#Max $500k loan, Cat 1 locations only, requires intervention of an agent.

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