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Resimac is your flexible lending partner

    • We were one of the first lenders to reduce the serviceability assessment buffer to 2% - something we offer to all customers, not just ones that meet stringent criteria
    • We increased the maximum loan amount for Prime Alt Doc loans ($2.5M for up to 65% LVR)
    • We offered unlimited cashout for Prime Alt Doc borrowers irrespective of loan size (previously capped for loans of more than $1.5 million)
    • We reduced rental income shading to 10%
    • We changed how we assess HEM to exclude rental income
    • We include deductible interest from negatively geared property as income
    • We’ve broadened our valuation policy to make greater use of AVRs and EVMs (with additional provision for units/apartments on EVR refinances for Prime and Specialist up to 65% LVR)
    • We’ve increased the acceptable LVRs for the unit and apartment markets (up to 75% for new units/apartments, up to 80% for older than 12 months).

Our flexible approach to finance

Self-employed borrowers

Property investors

Borrowers with credit issues

We look for more ways to say ‘Yes’.

Our award-winning BDMs are here to help you succeed.

Stefanie O"Connell

We pull policy levers to get your client the best results

A prime loan application was submitted where the client’s overtime income was needed to service the loan. Our prime credit policy is that borrowers need to be in the same role for at least 12 months to consider overtime income, and this client had only been in their role for six months.
I placed the file on hold and put an exception into credit. I explained the customer had long term experience in the industry and the LVR on the application was low, and credit approved it under prime. A great result for both the broker and client!
Craig Nicholas BDM (NSW)

We ensure self-employed borrowers put their best financials forward

One of my brokers submitted a self-employed application with the standard two years’ financials, which carried forward a loss from 2022. Our credit team declined it because we calculate servicing on 150% of the lowest year’s figures (in which instance, that would have been $0).
I put the file on hold to explore if we could demonstrate the business’ profitability another way. We got the last two quarters BAS that showed the strength of the applicant’s business and supported the 2022 figures, and we turned the decline into an approval.
Adam Harling BDM (VIC)

We can make exceptions for applications with strong asset positions

One of my brokers had a client who owns five stores from a large supermarket chain. Business was going really well and he wanted to open another two stores. He was seeking $4.15 million in an Alt Doc loan, which would include $1.5 million of business purpose lending to buy the two new stores.
My broker was either told ‘No’ or offered a very high rate with every lender he approached. While the loan amount was well above our policy limits, I was able to get the loan approved under Prime Alt Doc as an exception based on his strong BAS and asset position.

Our lending solutions give your clients more flexibility.

We offer niche product features and policies that give your clients more opportunities to access and utilise mortgage-based finance to suit their needs.


  • Available up to 95% LVR for both owner occupied and investment
  • Refinancing and I/O available up to 95% LVR
  • I/O term up to 10 years
  • Up to six offset accounts
  • Up to $500k business debt refinance
  • In house LMI DUA
  • Rate based on security, not purpose
  • FASTRefi available
  • Cash out to 85% - unlimited
  • Unlimited cashout up to 85% LVR

Prime (Alt Doc)

  • Flat rate across all borrower and repayment types and LVRs
  • 80% no LMI
  • Unlimited cash out up to 80% LVR
  • One form of income verification
  • No risk fee
  • Rate based on security, not purpose
  • Up to $500k business debt refinance
  • Up to six offset accounts
  • Minor defaults considered
  • No monthly or annual fees


  • Tax debt refinance
  • Six months casual employment accepted
  • Rates arrears and bankruptcies considered
  • Multiple related defaults considered as one ‘credit event’
  • Consolidate unlimited number of debts
  • Defaults under $2K, listed over two years or paid over 12 months ago ignored
  • Unlimited business debt refinance
  • Rate based on security, not purpose

Specialist (Alt Doc)

  • 90% purchase or 85% refinance
  • Six months ABN: three months business bank statements or six months BAS
  • 12 months ABN: Accountant’s Verification
  • Defaults under $2K, listed over two years or paid over 12 months ago ignored
  • Multiple related defaults considered as ‘one credit event’
  • Unlimited business debt refinance
  • Rate based on security, not purpose

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* Terms & conditions and eligible credit criteria apply to all loan features. Final approval is subject to credit assessment. Offer available until 31 October 2023. ~ Rates as of 15 August 2023 and are subject to change. The comparison rate is calculated on the basis of a loan of $150,000 on an initial 5-year interest-only period. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.
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