Articles - Here are two ways to get faster credit assessment and decisions

Here are two ways to get faster credit assessment and decisions


Want to make sure your loan applications proceed through the queue as quickly as possible? 

Naturally, the complexity of your client’s scenario will play a role, but here are two ways you can grease the wheels and minimise any holdups: 

1) Follow the Supporting Documents Checklist; and

2) Add submission notes that provide an overview of the application.

Supporting Documents Checklist

A common misconception is that lodging an application with incomplete documentation will get you into the assessment queue, giving you time to then ‘back-fill’ the application with the remaining documents. 

What actually happens is that your application won’t even make it into the assessment queue until all of the supporting documents have been provided. This means that you’ll actually save time by submitting all the required documentation at the same time as the application.

The Supporting Documents Checklist is a handy resource that specifies everything you need to provide for different types of applicants and situations.

The Supporting Document Submission feature in ApplyOnline is helpful here, as it provides a dynamic checklist of the mandatory supporting documents you’ll need to include. This makes it easy to submit all the documents at the same time as you lodge the application. 


Submission notes

Providing submission notes with your loan application can lead to speedier approvals, as it gives you an opportunity to create a dialogue with the underwriter and flag any potential issues ahead of time. 

The kinds of notes you can add to facilitate a smoother process include:

Purpose of the loan (eg purchase, refinance, first home, etc)

Applicant’s employment details and income sources

Details on the security property

Funds to complete and repayment history

For more information about how to streamline your loan applications with Resimac, please reach out to your BDM or Relationship Manager


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